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1961, Yerevan Computer Research & Development Institute

Electric motor

1961, Electric Motor's Factory


EC 1045


1978, Yerevan Computer Research & Development Institute


Power Measurment Device

Electrical Equipment

1946, Factory of Precise Electrical Equipment


Attention! Museum is looking for new exhibits.

The acquisition of "Nairi" and "Razdan" computers is very important for the museum. For inquiries, please call with + 374 94 596642 number or write to [email protected] email.


Measument & control devices and equipment
Automatic control devices and equipment
Technical and household appliances
Electrical Engineering and Automotive
Temporary exposure


Mathematical and Technical Sciences
Physics and Astrophysics
Natural Sciences

About Museum

The mission of the museum is to present the history of scientific and technological achievements of the Armenian people and their contribution to world science and technology.  

The primary task is to collect, safeguard and exhibit the discoveries, inventions and technologies of the Armenians both in Armenia and abroad.

The museum organizes courses and workshops for school children and teenagers to promote love to science, technology and engineering education. Learn more...

Address: Bagrevand str. 25, Nor Norq 0096, Engineering City, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone number: + 374 94 596642

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